A Tiger Called Thomas
Charlotte Zolotow

Once there was a little boy named Thomas who had just moved into a new house with his family. Because he was new to the neighborhood and didn't know anyone, he felt like know one would like him. Everyday he sat on his front porch and watched his neighbors as they walked up and down the street. For Halloween, Thomas mother decided to dress him up as a tiger. That night he put on his tiger  costume to go trick or treating and assumed that know one would recognize him.  As he went door to door to each house in his neighborhood,  all of his neighbors immediately recognized him. He was invited by each of his neighbors to come back and visit. Even as Thomas was on his way home, he was greeted by the other trick or treaters walking up and down the streeet. The first thing he did when he walked in the house was tell his mom the good news about all the friends he made. That was the night Thomas said he would always remember.

*Critical thinking Question*
If you were Thomas, how would you go about making friends?
If you could dress up as any animal for Halloween, what would you be?
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