Fabulous Fall
This Topic Mini-Research Web Page was developed for
Mrs. Moore's Kindergarten class at Berrien Primary School.
Designed by: Leeia Stone, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

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Why do leaves change colors during Fall? There are several different pigments in the leaves that cause the color to change. To learn more, go to
 Maine's Fall Foliage website to watch a fun and informative video.
Did you know that a pumpkin is a fruit or that pumpkins contain vitamins?
 You can check out these fun facts plus many others by clicking
 Cool Pumpkin Facts!
How many Fall leaves can you identify? Take a look at the Autumn Leaf Scrapbook to learn about many different leaves, the type of tree they fall from, and the color that they turn.
fall trees
What are some other changes that occur during Fall? For more ideas click Fall.
Here, you will find out about some things that happen during fall.
You can also find some fun fall activities. Can you think of other fun Fall things that you can do?

Topic Mini-Research Real World Activity
Pretend that you are a world traveler! Your next adventure has been chosen by your teacher. This adventure will take you up the east coast to the New England states. Here, you  will visit Maine and explore it's beautiful fall leaves! Remember to pay close attention to the colors that you see! Your teacher is counting on you to describe to your classmates what you saw on your trip!

When you return,  you will need to draw a picture of some of the beautiful things that you saw on your trip to Maine. This picture will help you when you are describing your adventure!

Steps to Complete Real World Activity
1. Explore Maine's beautiful fall leaves by clicking on Maine. Pay careful attention to the video! Remember that you will need the information when you draw your picture!

2. Find out other information about fall by visiting the websites above.

3. After watching the video and exploring the other websites, think about some of the things that you saw.

4. Draw a picture describing some of these things. Include the colors, leaves, and any other interesting things that you saw.

5. Give the drawing to your teacher. Make sure that you can tell the teacher and other students about the picture. Your teacher will put the drawing on the Internet so that you can share it with your friends and family!

6. Show your picture to your classmates and tell them about your picture. Tell them what you saw and what you learned on your trip. As you tell them, your teacher will write the things that you illustrated in your drawing.

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