Elegance in Education
Designed by: Lori Martin

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    My name is Lori Martin, and I am 21 years old. Currently I am a junior at Valdosta State University where I am majoring in Special Education.  When I look back at my childhood,  there are a lot of memories that have faded and blurred, but memories from Elementary school are hard to forget.  I loved being creative, so I especially liked Art.  Also, I remember on certain holidays where parents used to throw us lunch parties or field trips. For Thanksgiving one year, we dressed up as Pilgrims and Indians and went down to the local store where they had a Thanksgiving feast prepared for us.  I believe the early years in education are vital to the growth and development of early knowledge and social skills fo
r young children.


     One very important person in my life has greatly influenced one of my favorite hobbies.  My boyfriend, Tony Tanner, plays football here as a wide receiver and is a Valdosta State Blazer.  He has played here since we began in the Fall of 2006, and was on the team when we won the National Championship in 2007.  Because of his involvement, I am obsessed with our Universities team and I haven't missed but maybe 1 game in 3 years.  The dedication and love for the sport that the boys show radiates into the stands and can turn any girl into a football fan.  After having been to many games, I now find myself watching football every weekend and I can't wait for Saturday afternoons. Also in my spare time I love to decorate and shop, two very girly things. Hobby Lobby is definitely an obsession of mine,  I can spend hours upon hours in the store, and once I leave I find myself doing arts and crafts for days. Amazing friends help me get through the day.  We're silly and we goof off, they help keep me sane!

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    Websites that I believe would help other teachers, are some fun websites that I have found when doing research.  One of my favorite websites is Discovery for Kids because of all the fun games and activities that are available for students.  Also another fun website I have found that is fun for the students and helps educate them about a certain subject area is National Geographic for Kids.  It is full of informative pages, games, activities and every lesson plans for teachers.  During my field experiences I have had some wonderful mentor teachers, one in particular my first year in the schools helped me see the importance of technology in the classroom.  During Technology time, the kids were told to visit a vocabulary based website called Free Rice.  This website is fascinating because of the background story of this webpage.  For every answer the child gets right, the makers of the website donate 10 grains of rice through the UN World Food Program in their attempt to end world hunger.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
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