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This Topic Quest Page was designed for Ms. Boykin's Kindergarten Class  at Cook Primary School
by Lindsey Wingate, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.

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Howdy Partners!  My name is Lindsey Lou, the farmer on Boykin's Busy Bee Farm!  Have you ever lived on a farm, or visited  a farm? Can you name some of the animals that are found on a farm? Maybe the animal lives in the barn, or maybe the farm animal lives outside on the farm.  Do you think that it would be fun to visit a farm with all kinds of farm animals in site? Ms. Boykin's kindergarten class is full of busy bee's that want to learn all about farm animals and farm life. If you want to know more about farm life and the animals that live on farms, check out the fasinating farm sites below!
Have a busy, buzzing, bright day!

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Would you like to try and build your own farm? Where would you put the pigs on your farm? What about the cows and chickens? Would you put your barnyard in the middle of a big field? Click on Neighborhood Farm to build your very own farm! If you do not like where you put something on your farm, you can build your farm again. I wonder if you can build a big a beautiful farm for your animals to live in?
Are you interested in learning more about farm animals and fun facts about living on a farm? You need to check out Farm facts and find out everything you need to know about farm life! You can share these neat facts with your friends. Don't forget to share some facts with your teacher! Your teacher will be excited that you learned something new and exciting!
Try out this online encyclopedia, Fact Monster, that will tell you all you need to know about the farm! Do you want to know more about what a chicken does on the farm? All you have to do is check out the link above and it will give you all the information you need about farmers and their farm animals!
Did you know that soybeans and carrots grow on a farm? The Crop Directory website will help you figure out what type of  foods grow on farms. Did you know that most of the food that is healthy and good for you is grown on the farm. Did you also know that humans are not the only ones that like to eat carrots? Rabbits love to eat carrots also! We know that farm animals provide us with some of our foods, but the farmers also grow other foods that we eat in their gardens. Click on the link above to find out what type of seeds are planted in the farmer's garden!
What sound does a cow make? What sound does a pig make? If you are interested in learning the different sounds of farm animals, check out the Alphabet-Soup Farm site. This site also has great poems for kids about farm life and the animals that live on a farm. You can even print out coloring sheets of cows, pigs, sheep, chickens, and other great barnyard animals. Make sure to post the coloring sheet on your refrigerator for everyone to see your beautifiul art work!
Have you ever wondered how many toes sheep have? Where do blankets come from that we sleep with at night when it is cold? What about where we get milk from? We use milk in our cereal, and we use it to make tasty things like cakes and candy. What would we do without farm animals? If you want to know more about where farm animals come from and why they are so important check out the KiddyHouse Farm site, and remember that milk builds strong bones . . . Drink Up!


Mission Activity
     My name is Lindsey Lou, and I am the farmer of Boykin's Busy Bee Barnyard. My farm animals have vanished without a trace! I cannot find my cows, pigs, chickens, horses, cat, or my dog anywhere. In order for me to get all my animals back to the barnyard safely I need your help! You must make the right sound of each animal when I call the animal's name out, but wait, that 's not all!  You have to draw a picture of your favorite farm animal, and if I call out the animal you drew on paper, you must hold it up while making that animal sound. Make sure that you get the sound of each animal right. I want to save my farm and get all my farm animals back to the barnyard before it gets dark . . . can you help me find them all?
     It is important to know what sounds a farm animal makes. It is also important to know what the farm animals' look like. If you live on a farm, you do not want to give your cow the wrong kind of food. Also, knowing more about farm life will help you know the differences between farm animals and other animals that do not live on the farm.
      To learn more about what sound each farm animal makes visit Alphabet Soup. You will learn how to make each farm animal sound by choosing one animal at a time. You must remember to make the right sound when I call out the farm animal's name! Good luck!

Mission Steps
1. First, inform the students that the farm animals have left the barnyard and are no where to be found. Let them know that Lindsey Loe will need the students' help in order to get all of the animals back in the barnyard before dark falls (make sure to put the straw hat on).

2. Second, have the students look at the Alphabet Soup website. This will help the children learn the correct sounds of each farm animal. Once the students have learned the animal sounds have them go back to their seats for a fun activity!

3. Third, hand each student a sheet of white construction paper (9 X 11) and crayons. Tell them that they will be drawing their favorite farm animal down on their construction paper. Tell them that they will also write the animals name underneath the animal picture.

4. Next, make sure all students have completed drawing their animal, and  put on a straw hat.  Lindsey Loe needs a straw hat if she works on the farm all day! Explain to the students that they may make the correct animal sound when you call out the animal's name. Tell the students to hold up their drawing if it fits the description of the farm animal name you just called out. If they did not draw the animal that was called out, let them know that they will get a turn. Tell them they have to be listening for their animal name.

5. Lastly, tell the students that they have done an outstanding job with farm animals and the sounds each animal makes. If they would like to keep their drawing they may, but allow the students to put their work up in the classroom if they would like to show it off to everyone! Let the students know that it will be published on the Internet.

Have A Bee Beautiful Day!

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