Miss Lacey's Spring Fling!
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Fulghum's Pre-K class at Lanier County Elementary School by Lacey Bitzer a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

dariy cow

sping flowers      spring landscape     fish    

On this website we are going to learn about lots of fun things that happen during Spring! There is a lot to look forward to in Spring.  Flowers blooming, green grass, fishing, easter, picnics! Spring time should never be a time when you are bored, because the weather is usually so nice you can always go outside and find something fun to do. This website will give you some ideas of things to do!

a wow and a chicken

1. Visit this site and learn all about different farm animals!

pink flowers on a wall

2. Spring has lots of flowers growing.  Come to this site and learn about the parts of flowers!

colorful easter eggs

3.  Easter comes along during Spring.  That means, the easter bunny, and easter egg dying.  Paint your very own egg here!

children fishing

4.  Because of the warm weather during Spring you can go fishing!  Look at these pictures of kids your very own age with the fish they caught during Spring!

picnic basket

5.  You can also go on lots of picnics in the Springtime.  Come have a picnic here!

butterfly in some flowers

6.  Butterflies are all around during Spring.  Come here and learn what the encyclopedia says about butterflies. 

little boy fishing     a foal\     pig     sheep    tulips

Mission Activity

You have just learned about spring and all the wonderful things that it brings. Pretend that you are telling someone all you know about Spring and its farm animals.  The person you are telling knows nothing about Spring, they want to know what kind of farm animals are around.  Draw them a picture of a farm with your favorite farm animals that we talked about today.  Take your time drawing and put everything in your picture that you think the person needs to know about farm animals during Spring.  Take a look at the farm animals website again to remind you of all the different animals we looked at. Have Fun!

Mission Steps

1. Look back at the farm animals website, get an idea of which animals you want to draw.

2.  Pay attention to your favorite animals.

3. Tell me all the things you want in your drawing and I will make a list of everything you want to be in your picture. 

4.  I will have paper, pencils, markers, and crayons for you draw with. 

5. Start you drawing out in pencil, so if you make a mistake you can erase it.

6. Now once you have drawn everything out in pencil you can color it in, with crayons or markers. 

7. When you are done drawing you can tell me what your picture is about and I will write it at the bottom of the page.

8.  Show your picture to you teachers and classmates, and share with them everything you learned about Spring. 

9. Turn your picture into me and we'll hang it in the classroom for everyone to see and learn by!


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