Cindy's Wacky Wednesday
Paint Picture & Story by: Lacey Bitzer


    In the merry land of circleville, a place where circles was the main attrachtion.  Cindy, a young circle  lived a happy, fun life.  Cindy was  usually very happy, but didn't have the most engery as everyone else.   Her friends, ant, flower, bird one and bird two and the sun had so much engery.  They always had lots of fun and played so many fun games.  Cindy always wanted to sit and watch while they played. But on one Wednesday, Cindy felt a little wacky.  She had never felt like this before.  Her arms wanted to swing and her mouth stayed in a smile.  Ant asked her why was she in such a wacky mood.  Cindy had no answer, all she knew was that she was feeling wonderfully wacky on this Wednesday.  So all her friends thought they better get in a wacky mood too.  They were so excited that Cindy wanted to play today!  Cindy showed them her arm wiggles and all of her wacky smiles.  The friends loved being wacky! They danced and sang, played all of their favorite songs, they even took turns making wacky faces at each other.  It was the most wonderfully, wacky Wednesday they have ever had! They all hoped Thursday would be just as fun. 

Critical thinking questions to ask students that would change your story to their story:

1. How would you change the main character? Intro
2.  Where would your story takes place? setting
3.  What would happen to the main character in you story? plot
4.  How would your story end? end

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