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This TopicQuest was designed for a Cowboy and little Princess
By Leah Wilkerson, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teache

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Think of the last time you went to the beach.  What kind of creatures did you see while you were there?  You probably saw a crab, seagulls, and maybe a jellyfish, but did you know that there are all sorts of things that live at the beach that you can not see?  Where are these sea animals if you can not see them?  They are underneath the ocean water.  Lots of creatures live under the sea, so grab your swimsuit and jump in and explore the deep blue sea. 

1. Did you know that sharks can smell really good?  Sharks do not normally attack people, but they can be dangerous.  Learn more interesting facts about sharks at this website
2. Have you ever seen a dolphin jump out of the water?   Can they smell?  Enter in to learn all about these fun loving mammals.
3. What is this sea creature?   It is called an octopus.   What do they eat?  Do you know how many arms they have and can they grow new arms?  To find out these fun facts, dive into this website.
sea turtles
4. Did you know that there are big turtles that swim and live in the ocean?  Are they born in the ocean?  What do you think they eat?  Let's take a closer look at these sea turtles that live beneath the ocean.       
5. How would you know if a whale is near?  Which whale is the fifth largest animal on the planet?  To answer these and other questions, splash into this wonderful website. 
6. This is a starfish, but what exactly is a starfish?  Do they always have five arms?  Go and read an encyclopedia definition of a starfish  and also find out what other name this creature is called.

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The principal of your school has just learned that this summer you went diving into the ocean and discovered some interesting facts about some of the sea animals that live in the ocean.  He wants you to bring in two pictures that you drew of the sea animals that you liked learning about the most.  Also, he wants you to tell two facts about each animal that you drew.  You will be presenting this information to the whole school. 
Good Luck!

Mission Steps
1.  Pick which two sea animals you want to talk about.  They can be any of the five animals that you saw when you went diving: the shark, dolphin, octopus, sea turtle, or whale

2.  Learn about these animals by going to the websites and pick two sea animals that you would like to learn more about.

3.  Write two interesting facts on each sea animal.

4.  Draw a picture of the two sea creatures that you researched.

5.  Tell the school about the two sea creatures you picked and show them the pictures you drew. 

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