Do I Have To Go?
Story & Picture by Leah Wilkerson

arizona desert

Johnny is out of school for the summer.  He is excited about going to the beach.  His family goes every year, but this summer they have decided to go to Arizona to visit their cousins.  Johnny is really upset and does not want to go because he knows it will be too hot with nothing to do,  but he has no choice but to go. 

In mid-July, Johnny's family leave for their summer vacation.  They start their road trip to Arizona.  Johnny is grumpy the whole way there because he wanted to go to the beach.  While traveling they see lots of cactus', snakes, tumbleweeds, and creepy crawlers like scorpions.  The sun is blazing hot, and Johnny feels likes his skin is on fire and wishes he was near the ocean, so he could jump in the water.  They finally reach their cousins home and to Johnny's surprise, they have all sorts of activities for them to do.  Johnny is having fun and enjoying
himself in Arizona.

It came time for Johnny and his family to go back to their home in California, but Johnny did not want to go.  He was sad all the way home and was going to miss Arizona and the fun things to do there.  He learned that he could have fun, even if he was not at the beach. 

Activity for Lesson Using Critical Thinking
After sharing your creative writing story with your students, have your students use their critical thinking skills to answer the following questions to write or dictate their story.  After writing their stories, have the students draw a picture using the Paint program to illustrate their story.

Critical thinking questions to ask students that would change your story to their story:
1. How would you change the main character? (Introduction)
2. Where would your story take place? (Setting)
3. What would happen to the main character in your story? (Plot)
4. How would your story end? (Ending)

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