Row, Row, Row Your Boat
By Joanne Oppenheim
Picture and Page Designed by Leslie Wells

Row, Row, Row your boat

                      Row, Row, Row your boat is a book by  Joanne Oppenheim.  This story is based on the song Row, Row, Row your boat.  There are different types of boats in the story and different types of ways to move a boat.  First it starts off with a little boy in a bathtub playing with his toy boats.  Then all of a sudden the little boy is in a sail boat and instead of rowing, he is sailing down the bay.

                      The little boy continues down the bay until he is in a canoe paddleing down the creek.  Then turn the page to a new boat, a river raft.  And he drifts down the river.  Next he is in a lake, reving in his motor boat.
                       The little boy rides in many other forms of a boat but at the end of the story he is back in his bathtub and the singing Row, Row, Row your Boat Gently down the Stream. Merrily, Merrliy, Merrliy Life is but a dream.

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