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        Howdy!  My name is Leslie Wells.  I am a junior, currently enrolled in the Early Childhood Education program at Valdosta State University.  I am originally from Covington, Georgia (45 mintues south of Atlanta).  I graduated from Newton High School in 2001.  In high school, I was an active member of the Marching Band, where I played drums.  I also participated in Beta club, Junior Civitan, Key club, and Student council all four years of high school.  I have not lived anywhere else other then Covington until I moved to Valdosta 3 years ago.

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             As you can tell I love cows.  I am not sure where the obsession for cows came from but I have it bad.  I even have my bedroom in my apartment decorated in cow print.  When I am not decorating my room, I can be found working on my scrapbooks, doin
g puzzles, or doing homework.  No matter what I am doing with my time, I have one thing that never changes, the television channel that I am watching.  I get made fun of by my friends for it but no matter what is going on, my T.V is on Lifetime.

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                Once I graduate from College I plan to move back home and teach in Newton County.  However, during the summers I want to travel to places out West.  I have always wanted to visit Texas, California, and Wyoming.  Growing up, my family spent most of our summer vacation at Daytona Beach, Florida.  The beach is also a place that I have a special place in my heart for but sometimes you need change so I figured the West would be a great change.

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I come from a loving family that has been there for me through everything that I have done.  My mom, Gwen, is a great supporter of my education and dreams.  My dad, Mark, helps me with whatever I need help with.  My brother, Laramy, is there with advise when I need it.  I want to thank them for the time they have put into my life.  Without them I would not be the person I am now.  Thanks! 
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*No animals were hurt in the making of this website!

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