Mrs. Hunnicutt Welcomes you to the World of Economics:
A dynamic environment in which you are 1 of 3 major actors-individual,business, or government!

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Hello everyone! My name is Lydia Hunnicutt and this is my 2nd year teaching economics at Valdosta High School. Located in Valdosta, Georgia, we are the home of the National Champion Valdosta Wildcats. Our historical record of athletic success and numerous championships over the decades  helped to bring home the "Titletown" designation from ESPN in 2008. We are proud of our athletics and equally as proud of our academics. We have great students and staff,  and are always striving to achieve excellence in all we do!  
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Now a little about me! I grew up just down the road in Hahira, graduated from Lowndes High in 1977, then attended VSC. I married before receiving my college degree, but returned later to Valdosta State University to complete it. My first degree is in Fine Arts (note the watercolor image above). After working several years in architecture, construction, and project management, I have returned to VSU to earn my Master of Arts in Teaching. I have always wanted to teach and now am fulfilling that goal. I have been married 31 years, have 2 grown children, and 3 cats. I enjoy cooking, so I watch the Food Network to relax. Tennis is also fun, and I have been trying to revive my skills in order to compete with my husband (who still moves a lot faster than I do!)
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Teaching economics is terrific. As seniors, many of you will be somewhat familiar with our basic vocabulary and general objectives. Most students enter this class with some apprehension - fearful of supply and demand graphs, computing GDP, learning about circular flow, and trying to understand market structures, Wall Street, and the function of the Federal Reserve. But don't worry! You will learn valuable information and tools in this class which will assist you in making sound economic choices now and in the future. Take a visit to Amosweb and see economics with a "touch of whimsy".This class is very active and incorporates current events - things that effect you and are seen every day in the news. So relax and have fun! Most former students say they enjoyed the class and learned a lot of valuable information. You will too!


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 Great Student Links & Resources for HS Economics:

          image  Marketplace: Daily economic reports, videos, and student activities                                              
          image  EconoMagic: Frequently requested data from Federal Reserve, FDIC, DOL, etc.              
            image    The Federal Reserve: FAQ's, consumer info, reference pages               
            image   The US Mint: Tips and tools for managing money                                                                                  

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