The Fabulous Five
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. McAllister's First Grade class at S.L. Mason Elementary School by Lindsey Buchanan, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


What do we do with our eyes? Ears? Nose? Mouth? Hands? What are those 5 things called? Think really hard! Right! Our senses? Can you name the fabulous five senses?
 How can we see? Did you know that light bounces off of objects that we look at so that we are able to see?Click on the eye to learn all you ever wanted to know about seeing!                
How do we hear? Our ears pick up and send information to our brain to let us know what sounds we are hearing. Find out all you can about hearing by clicking on the picture.
Everyone's noses look different, but they all serve the same purpose!  Find out what they do and how they work by clicking on the sniffing man.
Tasting is when you figure out the flavor of foods that you eat. Did you know that you have different taste buds to taste different things such as sweet and sour? Click on the little boy to find out more about taste!
Want to know more about the wonderful sense of taste? Find out what the encyclopedia says about taste by clicking on the dog.
This page shows you how to use your five senses. Do you know what do to use each of yours?
Click on the picture to go learn more about about the senses and take part in many activities and puzzles!
Check this sight out  to find a fun song to sing about our senses. I bet you can recognize the tune!!
This site tell us all about the sense of sight. It provides information in a fun and cool way!
Click on the picture to play the Magic School Bus sound game! You can match all kinds of objects and animals to the sounds that they make.

Scenario Mission
    Pretend that you are the teacher now. In order to teach a lesson about the five senses, you have to prove that you know what they are and which body organ is used for each. Your mission is to make a chart of the senses and the organs used in each one. You may use the above websites to find the correct information. Good luck!

Mission Steps

1. Browse around each website above.

2. On a piece of paper, write down all of the senses on the left side. On the right side, draw a picture of the body organ that is used.

3. When you have successfully completed your  mission, turn your paper in to your teacher so that she can scan it and put it on the internet.