Green Eggs and Ham
Author: Dr. Seuss
Page Designed by: Lindsey Buchanan

green eggs and ham

  Green Eggs and Ham is a book about trying new things. Sam-I-Am tries to get his friend to eat green eggs and ham. The friend refuses and says he doesn't like them, even though he has never had them. Sam-I-Am doesn't give up. He tries to get his friend to eat them anyway. He suggests various places to eat them and with various creatures. The friend continues to hound him, using very funny rhyming words as he goes. Finally, the friend agrees to try them if Sam will leave him alone. Sam consents, and the friend hesitantly tries them. He puts them in his mouth slowly and begins to chew. His eyes light up. He likes them!

Critical Questions

1. Explain what you would do to get someone to try green eggs and ham.
2. Why do you think Sam's friend didn't like green eggs and ham? Have you ever thought you didn't like a food, but you had never really tried it?

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