Life's a Beach
Designed by: Laura Baird

Hello! My name is Laura Baird, I am 21 years old and from Madison County. I graduated from High School in 2005 and attended Gainesville Sate College for 3 years. I recieved my associates degree from Gainesville and transfered to Valdosta State University this fall. I am currently in the Early Childhood and Special Education program in hopes of recieving my teaching degree. I plan to graduate in the spring of 2010 and can not wait to start teaching!


    When I am not busy with school work I am extremly busy having fun! I'm a very outdoors kind of girl and love to do just about anything outside! In high school I was very involved with our softball and tennis team and in college I still enjoy playing softball and tennis. I recently joined a sorority which was Phi Mu and I am currently on our flag football team and I love it! I also recently was certified to go scuba diving and it is one of my favorite activities to do now! One of my favorite outdoor activities is to lay out on the beach and get a great tan! Another activity I love to do outside is take my wonderful dog Bailey for a run or go to a park and throw the ball around to her!


    I love to travel and one of my favorite places that I have visited is Jamaica. I went to Negril,Jamaica in December with my boyfriend and had so much fun! A place that I visit every year is Litchfield Beach, South Carolina and is my favorite week out of the year! The entire side of my mother's family comes to this beach and we all stay in one big house for a week. We've had this family tradition for over 24 years now and it is one that I hope continues!

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