I is for Interesting Insects

This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. O'Haire's kindergarten class at Dewar Elementary School
by Laura Windham, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.


Do insects bother you?  Do they always fly around and bite you when you are outside?  What about other kinds of insects like butterflies that are pretty and you like to look at?  On this web page you can learn about insects and how they are not all bad.

Welcome to the Wonderful of World of Invertebrates

On this website, you can see pictures of all differents kinds of insects from butterflies to wasps.  There are also links where you can read more information about insects.

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Insects

On this website, you can find interesting facts on insects, like which insect is the biggest and smallest.  It also tells which insect flies the fastest.

The Adventures of Herman the Worm

Herman has his own website where he tells about his life, how he arrived in America, his family tree, what he likes to eat, and how his body works.  This site also has fun activities for you to do.

Exploring Butterflies

On this website, you can learn more about butterflies.  Youcan see the life-cycle of a butterfly and other information on butterflies.  Do you know the difference between a moth and a butterfly?  You can find out here.

The Great Bug Hunt

Do you like finding things?  Here, you can find the bugs hidden in the garden.  After playing the game you can learn about different insects and see the pictures of them.

Fact Monster: Insects

This online encyclopedia gives information on what is an insect.  It tells about the make up of a insect's body.  It gives other links to articles to find out more on insects.

Mission Activitiy
Are you ready for your mission?  You have learned about insects from looking at all the websites.  Now you will pretend to be an artist and your masterpiece will be named "I is for Interesting Insects.". By looking at the different website, find your favorite insect that you learned about today.  You will draw and color your insect.

Mission Steps

1. On your blank sheet of paper write your name and "I is for Interesting Insects" on the top of your paper.
2. Then using your pencil and crayons, draw and color the favorite insect you learned about today.
3. Under your picture write the name of the insect you drew, help will be given if needed.

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