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Hi! My name is Laura Windham, and I am a student at Valdosta State University.  I am pursuing my Bachelor's degree from the  Early Childhood and Reading Education Department on campus.  I transferred from Mercer University in Macon a year ago, and I am beginning my first professional semester at VSU.  I grew up in Montezuma, Georgia, but I now live in Valdosta with my twin sister, Lisa, in a house that we are renting.
                                             I love cats and kittens.  At home I have a tabby cat named Picabo.  Here in Valdosta my twin and I have a  kitten named Aubie, who is pictured above.  Lisa wanted an orange kitten, so she could name it Aubie  because she is an Auburn University fan.  The mascot for the Auburn Tigers name is Aubie, who is pictured to the left, and he is extremely popular with all Auburn fans.

I have traveled all over the United States.  I have been from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to West Palm Beach, Florida then to San Francisco, California, next to Chicago, Illinois, then back to Valdosta, Georgia.

Of all the places that I have visited, France was the best experience.  We spent most of the time in Paris, seeing all the attractions, such as the Eiffel TowerVersailles, and the Louvre.


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