Spring Is Here!           
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Boykin's Kindergarten Class at Cook Primary By Lori Shirah, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

Spring is my favorite season of the year. The weather gets warmer and flowers start blooming. There are also a lot of fun holidays in the spring. At this website, you can learn everything from starting your first garden to flying a kite. Try some of the links below for some cool spring activities.

Spring is the time of year for flowers. If you love flowers, then check out this site!

Earth Day is a holiday which we celebrate every Spring. Learn more about it!

Easter is a Spring holiday. Do you like to dye Easter eggs Check out this site to find cool information about Easter eggs!
Would you like to know how to plant your first garden? Check out this site!

Spring is the best time to fly a kite!  If you like to fly kites, check out this site!

Mother's Day is another Spring holiday.  It is a special holiday when we show our mothers how much we love them.

Spring weather is beautiful most of the time, but sometimes we have rain. Rain is important and helps our flowers grow. Visit this website to find out more about the weather.

Spring is a time when we like to do lot's of fun activities visit this website for some ideas for some spring activities.

Father's Day is another holiday that we celebrate during the spring. Check out this website for some cool ideas for dad!

Did you know that we grow some of the food we eat? Visit this online encyclopedia for plenty of gardening tips.

Let's Pretend
Imagine that you are entering a gardening contest. The contest is to see who can grow the most beautiful garden. Visit some of the websites above to find out how to develop your garden. In order to grow a garden with beautiful flowers, you must first know what you want it to look like. After visiting the websites you will make a picture of what your garden will look like. You will draw your garden on drawing paper with crayons and markers.

Mission Steps

1) First, you will need to visit the websites about  flowers and growing your first garden.
2) Second, decide on the different kinds of flowers that you would like to plant. Once you have decided, you will use crayons or markers to draw your garden.
3) Enjoy your search!

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