Let's Explore Fall!
This Topic Mini-Research Web Page was developed for
Ms. Taylor's class at Cox Elementary School.
Designed by Leslie Pust, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

Picture of two trees with orange and yellow leaves.

A cartoon drawing of an autumn day.

When is autumn? Find out when autumn takes place and why it is so colorful.
Multicolored autumn leaves.

Why do leaves change color in the fall? Find out what happens to the leaves once they change colors.
Pumpkins with autumn leaves falling above.

Who were the first people to eat pumpkins? Find out when the first pumpkin pies were made and who made them.
Apple tree with an apple on the ground.
What season are apples harvested from trees? Find out how apples are harvested and what happens to them once they are off of the trees.

Topic Mini-Research Real World Activity
     Imagine that your dog has learned how to talk. Yesterday he came up to you and asked you, "Why are the leaves changing colors?" You told him, "Because fall is coming." He asked, "What is fall?" Draw a picture of what fall looks like. Make sure you put at least two things in your picture that happen in the fall season. Write a sentence that describes two special things that happen in the fall.

     You will need to take a look at two websites,
apples and leaves, to gather facts about the fall season so that you can draw a picture for your dog.

Steps to Complete Real World Activity

Step 1: Imagine that your dog has learned to talk.

Step 2: Try to imagine what it is like at your house when you walk outside on a fall day.

Step 3: Look at apples and leaves and find information about fall.

Step 4: Use the paper and crayons that I provide for you to draw a picture of a fall day.

Step 5: Write a sentence that describes two special things that happens in the fall.

Step 6: Turn your paper over to me so that I can scan it and post it on the internet.

girl doing yoga

2 computers connected to each other

lesson plan book

Boy with head in book