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Hi! My name is Leslie Pust. Welcome to my website! I am a Deaf Education Major in the Middle Grades Education and Communications Disorder Department at Valdosta State University. I am currently learning American Sign Language and loving every minute of it. One of my favorite aspects of the Deaf Education program, aside from learning ASL, is learning about the Deaf Culture.  Just as many hearing individuals, I have had very little interaction with Deaf people. The more I learn about the Deaf community and Deaf culture, the more my eyes seem to open to a broader view of the world around me. I believe that education is the key to self improvement. We, as individuals and as a society, should continue to expand our minds each and every day. I encourage everyone to dive head first into life, learn new and interesting things daily, and share your new knowledge with others.  Want to learn a little more about what teaching is all about? Visit abcteach.com or atozteacherstuff.com.

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As a child I had many aspirations and often thought about what I wanted to be when I grew up. After having several teachers in elementary school that encouraged me to be excited about learning, I decided that I wanted to be a teacher as well. My ambition took a step further when I met my great aunt, who was Deaf. I was thirteen years old and found her intelligence and language fascinating. That day I knew that being a teacher was not enough. I wanted to be a teacher of the Deaf. I'm proud to say I have not given up on my dream. The more I get involved in the teaching program, the more I know that I have chosen the right path for myself.

I also remember dreaming about what it would be like to have children of my own. Today, I am a mother of two beautiful children. I am truly living out my dreams. Being a mother and a full time student has definitely shaped my special interests. I have had to learn how to find time to relax and de-stress from my day. Yoga is my outlet. My favorite time to do yoga is when my kids decide to do join in. Yoga pulls us together as a family and brings a little peace to our home. I also enjoy traveling and do so whenever the opportunity arises. My favorite place to visit is Navarre Beach, FL. This beach has sand as white as snow and an ocean shore as blue as the sky. Some may even call it paradise. Navarre Beach is a wonderful place to visit if you are in need of a relaxing vacation. It is a great place to relax, take in some sun, and rejuvenate your spirit.  For more information about a healthier mind and body, visit YogaJournal.com. Little Yogis is another great website for parents and children to go to.

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