Plants in our World
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Davis' kindergarten class at Cook County Primary School
By Lawana Burke, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

yellow flower

Have you ever wondered what plants need to grow? Sun, water, and environment all play a role in a plant's growth.  Have you thought how do plants produce other plants?  Plants help us in an essential way every day.

Why do some plants change colors in the fall and spring and other plants do not? Does the weather or temperature have anything to do with it? Find out at Backyard Plants.

How are plants classified into different categories? What makes one plant different from another? The size, color, number of leaves, and location may be all factors. Find out more at Natural Perspective.
There is plenty of information to learn about plants. One of the best ways to find out more is to go to the Botany website.

How do flowers and other plants reproduce? What factors are needed to ensure the plant will not be extinct the next year? Find out at Biology World of Plants website.

good view of plant
What does a plant need in order to stay alive and healthy? Of course water is a major factor. There are several other things the plant needs also. Learn about them at Kids Valley Garden.
leaves are small
Did you know that there are many different types of plants? Flowers and trees are all classified as plants.  Check out what is considered a plant by clicking on Alien Explorers.
Anther, stigma, and many other parts make up the plant. Can you name any other parts of a plant? If you need some help, go to Zoom School.
few in number
A very few plants are capable of living in the desert. A cactus is a well-known plant that can with stand all the heat and dryness of a desert. Find out more at Sammy's Scrapbook.
view from beneath
Have you ever stood at the foot of a tree and tried to look way up to see the very top? You found out that you were unable to see the top. How do trees get so tall? Find out more about tall trees at Kid Outdoors.
looks like snow
Do you want to find out more about plants?
To explore different links on plants go to Columbia Encyclopedia

open flower

    Imagine that you were just appointed head of a green house. It is your job to keep every plant from dying and make sure every plant gets what it needs to stay alive and healthy. In the green house, there are flowering plants and many other different types of plants. All of the plants basically need the same elements to stay healthy. What are the elements that you need to check on to make sure the plants have?
Use this topic page to help yourself learn about how to care for plants.
    Websites such as Kids Valley Garden will help you on your mission.
Mission Steps:

1. Explore the interesting sites above and Kids Valley Garden.
2. As you research, plants pay close attention to what a plant needs to stay healthy, such as water and food (fertilize).
3. Draw a healthy plant with roots, leaves, and stem. First draw a stem, go down and draw wavy lines for the roots. Draw big healthy leaves. You can also draw a flower in you want your plant to be a flower.
4. Good Luck! I know you can keep every plant healthy.

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