Fantastic Flamingos!
A Literature Lesson for Grade: Kindergarten

Fizza the Flamingo was written by Marilyn Sheffield and illustrated by Patricia Al Fakhri. Sheffield tells a wonderful story while Fakhri illustrates in beautiful watercolor.


  Questions about the Illustration above:
                            1. Where is the flamingo's location?
                            2. How is the flamingo standing?
                            3. Is it hot where the flamingo is, or cold?

  Summary of Fizza the Flamingo
Fizza the Flamingo is a story about a flamingo wanting to get away from the chaos and noise of her home, Dubai. When Fizza the flamingo wanders into the the Arabian Desert, she soon finds that it is very easy to get lost in the desert. With the help of her new friends, Fizza finds her way.

Student Pictures and Paint Illustration
(you can insert more than 3 pictures)
Include captions under each picture
1st Picture: Ty'Shera's Painting
2nd Picture: Tavares's Painting
3rd Picture: Ember's Painting

Lesson Plan

Grade Level: K
Subject Areas: Technology Integration, Children's Literature
Approximate Time for lesson 30 -35 minutes (This lesson can be presented in 2 sessions)

The primary learning outcomes to be achieved with this lesson include:
A. Student will be able to use the mouse while operating the computer
B.  Student will be able to respond to prediction questions from looking at an illustration from the story
C.  Student will listen to a children's story about an animal s/he has learned about in a previous lesson and will be able to understand how this animal is represented in the story.
D.  Student will work cooperatively in small group to relate information about the story and will make a drawing about the story using the PAINT program.

Related GPS Standards
CTAE-FS-5 Information Technology Applications: Learners use multiple information technology devices to access, organize process, transmit, and communicate information.


English Language Arts Grade: K 

ELAKR5 The student acquires and uses grade-level words to communicate effectively.

The student
a.   Listens to a variety of texts and uses new vocabulary in oral language.
ELAKLSV1 The student uses oral and visual skills to communicate.

 The student
g.   Communicates effectively when relating experiences and retelling stories heard.

1. Computer with Internet connection
2. Topic Literature Web Page

3.  BookFizza the Flamingo by Marilyn Sheffield Illustrated by Patricia Al Fakhri
4.Access to the computer and to the PAINT program with computer connected to a printer (color preferred).
5. Markers to be used to enhance printed PAINT drawing
6. Copy of lesson rubric for each group member.

 Technology Connection
Technologies that will be used in this lesson include: computer with Internet connection, a picture developed using a computer drawing program, and a designed website that includes a computer painted picture.

Part I Step One: Introduction
1. Work with a small group of students (2-5).  Tell students that today you are going to read them a special book about an animal that they have been learning about.  Can anyone guess what animal this might be?

2. Ask students 2 introduction questions

List of Introductory Questions:

a. What are some things we learned about flamingos?

b. What does a flamingo look like?

(Estimated time 2 minutes)


Step Two: Teaching the Primary Learning Outcomes 

1. Go to the computer and your Topic Literature website at Students should be grouped around the computer with you so they can see the screen, and have access to using the mouse

2.  Let children take turns pointing to things in your picture.
3        Read each question under the Paint drawing. Ask them to predict the answers of what they think.  They can also try to point to certain words on the screen.  With older students you can write more questions and also ask the students to read the questions themselves.


a. Where is the flamingo’s location?
How is the flamingo standing?
Is it hot where the flamingo is, or cold?

4. Read the short overview of the story to the students. That is under the 3 questions
Estimated Time 5 -7 minutes
Part 2

Show the book to the children.  Tell them the title, author, illustrator

Do a VERY brief picture walk and highlight 2-3 aspects of the book

Read the story to the children.  (If the story is very long, read or tell key parts of the story or read story in 2 sittings)

(Estimated time 10-15 minutes)

After you read the story,
Ask student’s questions about the story and also a question related to the animal they have been learning about that was in the story.

1. Why did Fizza the Flamingo want to get away from his home?

Can anyone name one animal Fizza the flamingo met while in the desert?

Assessing the Primary Learning Outcome

Collaborative PAINT Project
Encourage the children to discuss things from the story that they want to include in a PAINT drawing.
Open the PAINT program and allow each child to use the mouse to draw something from the story
Print out a copy of the completed drawing for each child, and ask them to write what they drew.  They can also enhance their group drawing with markers or crayons.

Rubric:  Do one for each student in the group

Level 3 (5- 4 points)

Level 2  (3- 2 points)

Level 1  (1- 0 points)

Student is able to use the mouse to point to things and click  with  little or assistance

Student is able to use the mouse to control the computer with assistance.

Student is not able to use the mouse to control the computer.

Student responded to all the critical thinking prediction questions about the story in a logical way that indicated knowledge about the animal.

Student responded with accuracy to two of the critical thinking prediction questions 

Student had difficulty responding to the prediction questions related to the story.

Student worked collaboratively with others in the group and was able to create a PAINT drawing that related to the story

Student worked collaboratively with others in the group, but had some difficulty  in  identifying something from the story to include in his/her PAINT drawing

Student was unable to work with others in the group and/or was unable to create a drawing in PAINT that reflected the story.






Since this is a small group activity, the teacher will work individually with each student to help him or her complete the activity.


Students who complete the work before the other students can DRAW OR WRITE ABOUT THE ANIMAL IN THE STORY, THEY CAN add pictures to enhance their finished product.

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