A Resource Page for Parents and their Students
Note to Parents
This page is a wonderful resource to great, helpful sites to further help your childs specific needs and learning growth.Some sites are parent-specific, others are parent/child activities. Feel free to browse through these websites and have fun!

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Content Area
Grade Level PK-2
Grade Level 3-5

The Counting Game
This fun game helps Pre-k and kindergartner's want to learn to count.
Addition Flashcards
Quiz your first or second grader with addition flashcards
AAA Math
Help your third grader with unlimited interactive math practice.
Fifth Grade Websites
This site provides multiple links and power points for your fifth grader to view and accomplish a better understanding of their level of math.
Animal Sounds Matching Game
See if your Pre-k or kindergartner can match an animal sound with the correct animal in this fun game!
Cool Science for Curious Kids
Does your child want to know more about reptiles, or plants? This is a great site for science-driven children.
Science for Grades 3-6
Educational acivities and games are featured on this site. As your child enters new grades, he/she can take this site with them.
Parent-specific site about how fifth grade science varies from state to state.
Social Studies
American Icons
This site will further instill American traditions and history for your child.
Primary Social Studies Games
Quiz your child on naming states or flags. Help your student learn about holidays. There are many fun games on this site.
Quiz your child on the oceans, important people,  econimics, etc on this website. Start in third grade and continue until fifth!
Ben's Guide to US Government for Kids
Let you child explore this site on their own as he/she learns about government in a fun way with the help of Benjamin Frankilin himself!

Language Arts
Reccommended read-aloud books for parents to help their child learn to read
Reading Rockets
Is your child struggling with reading? This websites helps teachers and parents come up with techniques to further a childs reading learning.
Time 4 Learning
Want to know the standards your child is expected to achieve in language arts? Or what the curriculum your child will face? Browse through this website to find out more.
Punctuation Paintball
A fun interactive game that helps students having difficulty with grammar.

Kinder Printables
This adorable site provides high quality learning materials concerning art.
Kids Art Project
This site is full of great art projects you and your child can participate in together.
Elementary Art
Have an artsy child? This website has information on still-life, landscapes, expressive, and many more art genres.
Apple's for the Teacher
Art ideas including coloring pages, music, and shape art are featured in this website.
Music and Drama
Wonderful and cute songs you and your child can sing to get excited about school, meeting new people, etc.
Great ideas and plays for you to do at home with your  theatre-driven child are centered on this site.
Have fun singing well-known songs and playing musical games with your child with the help of this website.
Native American Play
Teach your child "The Life of Corn: A Drama in 5 Dances" and other song/movement activities. Not only educational, but fun at the same time!
Physical Education
Education World: Physical Education
This website has great fitness, games, team and individual activity ideas.
Warm up and cool down ideas for children.
Physical Education Curriculum
This site provides links to other sites, trivia, stories, etc about physical education.
P.E Universe
Share and learn about different physical activities that can engage your child.

Health and Hygiene
Teaching Kids Healthy Smiles
Helpful site to help parents teach their child how to brush their teeth properly, how to eat properly, etc.
NYC Health
A reminder to parents about vaccinations for their children. This site explains why children must have their vaccinations before entering the school system
FDA Kids Site
Your child can take a food safety quiz, learn about health current events and so much more in a fun way on this website.
Its never too soon to start educating your child about the dangers of substance abuse. Browse through this website with your child for an enlightened and educational experience.

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Helpful websites and questions about Flamingos for children


The Deep South Region
A fun and informational page of the five deep south states of the United States. Includes a quiz!


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