Clowning around with Education
Designed By Leah Edgar

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Hi, my name is Leah Edgar. I was born in a small rural town in South Georgia called Alma. I graduated from Bacon County High School in 2007, while attending South Georgia College during my senior year of high school. I am currently a sophomore at Valdosta State University studying Early Childhood and Special Education. Valdosta State University is a beautiful campus full of wonderful people and experienced educators. I am very excited to further my education in early childhood. My second grade teacher had a huge influence in kindling my dream to teach. Through creative activities and higher level thinking I plan to teach my children not only to pass, but to exceed. Learning is an exciting life long process! After obtaining my bachelors in early childhood education I plan to go straight through and get my masters in administration.                                 

    My family is a huge influence in my life. My mom and dad are my best friends. I call them at least twice a day over trivial matters. My mother, Kay, teaches eighth grade science which made my decision to become an early childhood major much easier. My father, Sam, is an excellent attorney in Alma. I also have one older sister named Erin. I always love traveling ANYWHERE with my family! My mom and I went to Europe this past summer. We traveled to London, Paris, Bath, Venice, Florence, Assisi, and Rome. Although I have traveled to Mexico and all over the United States, Europe was by far the most amazing experience of my life! My passions include traveling, tennis, food, and of course school (I am a nerd)!


    Two excellent websites that I have discovered and would recommend for teachers are educational based websites that incorporate learning and fun. Discovery for Kids is science oriented with numerous fun filled challenging games. While National Geographic for Kids is history based with tons of information for students as well as educational games.

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