Swimming Safety A Summer of Fun
This TopicQuest was designed for 4th graders Cherity and Jacob my daughter and nephew
By Laurie Westmoreland, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

boy on a float

What type of things do you do during the summer for fun?  Swimming is a fun summer activity.  It is summer time and many families go swimming during the summer.  However there are are many accidents that occur during the summer and a good percent of these accidents lead to death.  So it is a good idea for families to be well informed on methods to take in order to keep their families safe.  Put on your swimming cap and soak in the safety precautions given below.

Learn to swim before going to the beach or swimming in a pool even if you have adult supervision because adults are busy and may get distracted.  Knowing how to swim may save your life until an adult can help.  For additional safety tips click below.

Never swim alone.  Swimming is fun but can turn tragic in the blink of an eye. Pools can pose serious dangers to children.  To find out more information on pool drowning click below.

Parents should learn CPR so that if a child was to drown or have some other type of accident they could at least save their child. Parents should also teach CPR to their children so that if the parent  needed help the child would know what to do.  For more information on CPR click below.

Children that play in a pool often should know some safety tips. To learn more about safety click below.
A good site for children to learn information about almost anything they want to know is below.

To learn about other animals that swim in the water similar to the way we do click below.


Mission Project

During the summer many children go swimming.  I want you to imagine yourself swimming in the Atlantic Ocean soaking up the water.  Your mission is to find four swimming safety tips and make a safety sign to hang up in a swimming area that will help other children be safe during their summer of fun.  An example would be children learning CPR so that they would be able to save another person that may be in trouble while swimming.  One web site you can use to get some of your information to make your handout is Beach and Water Safety.

Mission Steps

1.   You will explore the links above and use at least the Beach and Water Safety site.  The students will pick out four safety tips for swimming and they will find four pictures to paste from the Internet so that they can make a safety sign that would hang on the pool or swimming area.

2.    You will go back and review and I will answer any questions the students have.

3.    The student will be able to create a sign using construction paper, glue and the computer to write the safety tips and print out the pictures.

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