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Clarke Central High School is the home of the Gladiators. It is centrally located in Athens, Georgia.  This past spring, our boys’ track and field team won the state championship, and our girls’ basketball team went as far as the Elite 8.  The Clarke Central Athletic program is very competitive and has garnered recognition as being one of the top ten programs in the state.  Athens is probably most known for being the home of the University of Georgia and the
Georgia Bulldogs…home of the Red and Black.  Go Bulldogs!!!

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    I am a Special Education Teacher at Clarke Central.  I love teaching my students and getting to know them.  In my spare time, I like to read and watch movies.  Spare time is very limited as I am also a member of the Lady Gladiator Basketball program.  I am the head coach of the girls’ junior varsity basketball team and assistant varsity coach.  Most of my time is devoted to helping my players develop their basketball skills and maybe even instilling some life skills.
    I have the pleasure of teaching students in all grades, 9-12.  Mainly, I collaborate in general education biology and physical science.  But occasionally, I also teach direct special education biology and physical science.  I teach the same content regardless if the class is general or special education; the only thing that differs is the paceI try to teach my students biology and physical science concepts that help them master the Georgia Performance Standards

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Information will be added and updated as the school year progresses.  

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Student Resources for High School Science
High school science is difficult for many students for various reasons.  I use these resources all the time to come up with activities and to allow the students to explore.  I recommend the following resources to aid in understanding.
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Science BrainPOP
A body of information that assists students with the learning of general science and details how the world works through science
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Introduces students to various topics in biology.  It has activities and pictures
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A website where students can learn science through fun games, interesting videos, and interactive diagrams.  They can test knowledge by using quizzes provided by the site

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An interactive quiz, video, and game site that teaches biology in a fun manner

Physical Science Students love the unit on electricity.  One of the activities during this unit involves using the Van der Graaff generator.  The generator helps to explain static electricity in a fun and exciting manner.

Van de Graaff generator

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