Rocks and Minerals

Topic Mini-Research & Literature
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was developed for Ms. McClellans Third Grade Class
at Sallas Mahone Elementary School
Designed By Lacey Gillis,
a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

Painted picture of rocks and minerals.

Colorful rocks
How are rocks formed? Go to Rock Hounds and found out the three different types of rocks and how they are formed. You will also click on the picture and see an animation of how the three different types of rocks are formed.When you are finished, play a fun pebbling puzzle game here
Three rocks
What are Sedimentary, Igneous, and Metaporphic rocks? Click here to visit a neat website to learn more about these three types of rocks.
Picture of a mineral.
What kind of minerals do you think are in your home? Minerals can be found in all sorts of places in your home, click here to find out where.
What color and type of rock is your birthstone? Click here to find out what color and which rock that your birthstone comes from.

Topic Mini-Research Real World Activity

Pretend you are a expert about minerals and that you are going to be giving a presentation to your class about the many minerals that can be found in our homes. In your pretend presentation you will be showing the class a picture that you have drawn of something in your house that contains minerals. Go to Minerals at Home to explore different objects in the home to help you decided on an object from your home to draw. After drawing your picture you need to write what type of minerals that can be found in it.

Steps to Complete Real World Activity

1. Go to Minerals at Home to take the tour of the house and view the different types of objects that contain minerals throughout it.

2. Decide on what object you would like to draw from your home to use for your pretend presentation.

3. You will be given a piece of construction paper and crayons.

4. Draw the object that you have chosen that contains minerals to use for your pretend presentation.

5. After drawing and coloring your object, label the different types of minerals that are found in the object.

6. When you are finished with your presentation picture turn it in to the teacher.

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