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    Hello! My name is Lara Enguana and I would like to welcome you to my page! I currently attend Valdosta State University where I am majoring in Early Childhood Education through the Early Childhood Education and Special Education Department. I am in my first professional semester and I am enjoying all the things I am experiencing.  It can be very challenging on most days, but it can also be rewarding when I work with the children. I plan on teaching the younger children like Pre-K or Kindergarten because I want to start them off with a love for learning.

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    My family, including my dog, Mickey, is one of the most important things in my life. I hold my parents and my sister very close to my heart. My mom is a nurse at the Medical Center of Central Georgia and my dad is the Pastor at the Filipino American Church in Warner Robins, GA. My sister is also a nurse and is married and lives in Byron, GA. My sister is my role model and I hope to be as successful as she is when I graduate from VSU. Another close person who is very dear to me is my boyfriend Charlie. I cannot express how thankful I am that he is in my life. He is so supportive, loving, and respectful and I love him very much.

    As you can see from my page, I love Hello Kitty. Ever since I was a little girl, I remember being fond of butterflies and Hello Kitty. A website I love to go on is the Hello Kitty Website.
I also love to watch the Food Network and I often go on the Food Network website to look up new things to cook and bake on my spare time.

    As a future teacher, I plan on teaching my students that learning can be fun. Can you beat having fun and learning at the same time? A website that I find to be helpful and exciting for children is FunBrain. A website that is helpful for teachers is The Georgia Standards Website because it provides guidelines that teachers have to use in their lessons. A website that is helpful to parents, teachers, and students is the Scholastic Website. This website provides stories, learning games, and information about different books.

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