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 My name is Laura Jane Avant and I am 20 years old. I currently attend  Valdosta State University, as a junior. I am majoring in interrelated special education, which means I am majoring in both early childhood and special education. I was born in Roswell Georgia and have lived there my whole life. I graduated from Alan C. Pope High School in 2006. I have been living in Valdosta for almost 3 years now and enjoying the warm weather and being able to live somewhere different.I plan to graduate with both of my degrees, one in early childhood and my masters in special education, in May 2011. I would like to move to Charleston, South Carolina to be closer to my family. There are many wonderful schools I have looked into working at and hope to someday be able to be a special education teacher in a first grade classroom.


When I look back at my educational career, I can clearly remember teachers that put allot of time and effort into not only teaching me, but also loving me as a child and truly having my best interest at heart. Then I had teachers that did not really put as much effort that was needed into the children and in return I left their classrooms with little gained knowledge and not really wanting to do much with my school career. I feel that it is the teachers responsibility to make sure that before a student leaves their classroom they have gained a wealth of knowledge in a loving, caring environment. Teachers play a large role in molding children, especially when working with such a young age group.

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There are many websites that are great for teachers. One that I have really enjoyed is Carl's Corner. Another website that is really helpful is Georgia Department of Education website. All of these websites are user friendly and will help when planning a lesson. They have great tips for any type of learner. My favorite out of these websites though is the Georgia Department of Education website, because it has all of the grade levels and their standards , where they can easily be accessed.

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