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Grab a good book and get ready to write!

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Hello students and parents and welcome to Mrs. Wright’s 8th grade Language Arts and Reading web page.  Pierce County Middle School, home of the Bears, is located in Blackshear, Georgia. Our school has been top winners locally and at the state level for our CRCT test scores and Grade 8 Writing Assessment scores. We have made AYP for the past six years and have received numerous awards including being named Title I Distinguished School for the past six years.

The school is located about 10-15 miles from the Okefenokee Swamp Park and Laura S. Walker State Park; both of which are in Ware County, Georgia. These two places are big tourist attractions that are close to home. Our town is very small, but we were made famous for the Big Z Warehouse sales that occurred twice a year. Many people from all around came to purchase or sell items at this huge garage sale.

My name is Mrs. Lindy Wright. I have lived in Pierce County all of my life. I met my husband in school and we have been together for a total of ten years; five years married. I had a daughter that was born with Down Syndrome, January 26, 2010. Her name was Kerrigan Elyse Wright and she was the light of our lives. I knew when I was pregnant with Kerrigan that she had Down Syndrome, so my husband and I had time to prepare and get ready for the task of raising a child with a disability. Kerrigan went through many surgeries during her short life, but she was a fighter until the end. Sadly, Kerrigan passed away three days after Christmas, December 28, 2010, just a month shy of her first birthday. As I stated earlier, Kerrigan taught me a lot in her short life. I now lead my life speaking up for children with disabilities and also speak at special occasions or gatherings informing people about Down Syndrome and how to cope with the frustrations that come with this disability. Kerrigan did not have the typical Down Syndrome, she had a translocation with the disability, so her type was rare and her condition confused many doctors from time to time. However, with all of that being said, I enjoyed my "little monkey" (as we called her) and miss her terribly. 

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I teach 8th grade Language Arts and Reading at Pierce County Middle School. I have taught for 9 years. Among 8th grade, I have also taught in a 4th grade self-contained classroom setting and in a 6th grade subject-based classroom setting. I have taught in an inclusion setting for the past five years and this will be my first year going back to not having an Inclusion teacher with me. I came into the 8th grade in mid-October of this year. It was a change for me professionally from teaching a fourth grade curriculum one day and jumping into an eighth grade curriculum the next. An interesting piece to the 8th grade curriculum for the students is the MyAccess writing program. Students are able to type their writing papers into this program and receive instant feedback as to any errors that they had on their paper and see their score. The students are able to work on papers, not only at school, but also at home. This program allows more time for the teacher to have a one-on-one conversation with the students in the classroom and discuss areas of improvement or gains.

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Look out for the following upcoming information for the new school year:

- Syllabus
- Summer Reading List
- Supplies
- Upcoming Dates & Assignments


Class Schedule


Students are dismissed from cafeteria/gym to homeroom

7:52 - 8:15

Morning announcements in homeroom

8:15 - 8:50

ELT - students are placed in a remediation or enrichment class setting

8:50 - 10:10

Block 1

10:10 - 11:30

Block 2

11:30 - 12:40

Block 3

12:40- 1:10


1:10 - 1:35

Block 3 continued...

1:35 - 3:03

Block 4 - Planning


Students Dismissed


Student Resources for 8th Grade

- You will use this to type up your writing papers from class.  You can also access this site at home.


USA TestPrep
- On-line CRCT test preparation; you will answer multiple choice questions based on reading passages, grammar skills, etc.


- This is a tool that is similar to Microsoft PowerPoint. It allows you to create slides and post them on the web.


- This is a site that you can access anytime to receive extra help on a skill from class. You can also take quizzes from this website.



More Information...

eBook Website

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LiveText Portfolio


Georgia OnMyLine


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