Fun with Fossils and Minerals

This Topic Mini-Research & Literature Web Page was developed for Ms. Skidmore's Third Grade Class at Northside Primary School in Tifton, Georgia
Designed By Lindsey Walker, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


dragonfly fossil
What is a fossil?  How do fossils form?  What can fossils tell us?  What are some different types of fossils ?
fish fossil
Do you know how fossils are made?  Let's take a trip to find out!
mineral Minerals can be found in many places.  What kind of minerals do you think are in your home?
There are so many different minerals.  Let's explore them from A-Z!

Extra Time???????

Hour Glass
Play A Fossil
or Mineral

skeleton game Fossil Game #1  mineral  Mineral Game #1
burying game Fossil Game #2 mineral
Mineral Game #2
foot print game Fossil Game #3 mineral Mineral Game #3

Rock Book Activity
diamond   silver
    A Famous Scientist wants to create a book about rocks.  He does not have enough time to do all the pages for the book by himself, so he needs some help with some of the pages in his book.  Today, we have been asked to help make pages for the scientist's rock book.  Your job is to make a page about your favorite mineral from the list of minerals.  Your page should include the name of the mineral, a picture of the mineral, and three facts that you have learned about your mineral. 
Steps for Rock Book Activity
1.  To begin, you will review the list of minerals
2.  Select your favorite mineral from the pictures on that page.
3.  Write the name of the mineral at the top of your paper.
4.  Then, draw and color that mineral on your paper.
5.  Finally, list three facts about the mineral on your paper.

Topic Literature Activity

pic of book

Rocks, Rocks Big & Small

By Joanne Barkan

Topic Literature Activity
A.  rock  Do you know where rocks can be found?  Let's learn all about rocks and see how they are used in your home.
B. Questions of Understanding:
1.  Are all rocks the same?
2.  Where can we find rocks?
3.  What is a rock called if it contains the shell or skeleton of an animal that hasa been dead for millions of years?
4.  What is a rock hound?
C. Critical Thinking Questions:
1.  What are some ways that we use rocks in life today?
2.  If you were a rock collector, where would you go to look for rocks for your collection and why?

snowwhite and the seven dwarfs
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