This TopicQuest  was designed for Mrs.Hunt's kindergarten class at Dewar Elementary School by Lauren Collett, a Valdosta State University PreService teacher.


Spring is finally here!!  There are so many exciting things that Spring brings- flowers, sun, beautiful weather and fun holidays!  Spring also brings new life for us to learn about and explore!  This webpage can take you to many fun places-you can learn about spring weather, how to grow your own new spring life, holidays to celebrate and a little extra surprises on the way!  Are you ready to jump into spring???


Click on the pictures to access the links
  peterEaster is a fun and exciting holiday we celebrate in the Spring! Do you want to know more about Easter and some cool activities? Click on the Bunny!
weather  In Spring, our weather is always changing.  Some days are rainy, others are windy, and many are sunny.  Click on the picture to learn about spring weather!
beansprout  Some of the best things in life come after spring is over- the vegetables.  We plant our gardens in the spring and reap the benefits in the summer!  Do you want to know how to grow your own plant?
shamrock  Kiss Me, I'm Irish.  Are you of Irish decent? St.Patricks day is an exciting holiday celebrated on March 17th!  Click on the leprechaun to learn more.
butterfly  New life begins each spring!  Did you know that butterflies actually begin their lives as caterpillars?  Click on the beautiful butterfly to learn more about this interesting insect!
mother  Mother's Day is a great holiday in May.  Click on the balloons to see all the surprises you can make for your mom!
baseball  Take me out to the ballgame...Baseball is a fun sport that begins in the spring.  What is your favorite team?  Click on the glove for some neat baseball information.
egg Have you ever wondered how to dye a cool easter egg?  Do you want to know why we hunt for eggs?  Click on the colorful egg to the left to find out!
earthday Earth Day is a great day for every person to give back to Mother Nature.  We celebrate Earth Day in the Spring!  Want some cool ideas on how you can help out? Click on the Pandas! crafts Want to have some hands of fun?  This website can teach you some awesome projects and crafts that you can make right in your own home!

Help!! Mr. Caterpillar is getting ready to become a beautiful butterfly.  His cocoon is beginning to wiggle and squirm as his metamorphisis is about to happen. I wonder what color he will be??  I am sure Mr.Caterpillar is excited, the only problem is that he needs beautiful flowers in a garden to have somewhere to live on and play in!  Can you help to plan a great flower garden so that the amazing butterfly will have a wonderful home?  To get started, visit this site to learn more about planning and planting a flower garden.  After you have visited the site, draw a colorful map of your garden and what flowers you will have for the butterfly to live in.

Mission Steps

1. Visit the spring sites above to learn about flowers, gardens and butterflies.

2. Go to the website about flower gardens to learn how to plant your own garden.

3. After you have searched the website- you should be ready to plan!

4. Make sure that the flowers you chose can all be planted at the same time.

5. Create a colorful picture of your garden.  Make sure to include several types of pretty flowers for your garden.

6. Be sure to include a picture of Mr.Butterfly in your garden.

7. When you have finished, turn your garden map into your teacher so she can publish it on the internet!