Curious George Flies A Kite
Author: Margret Rey
Page Designed By: Lauren Collett


This picture is from a book I read called Curious George Flies a Kite.  Curious George is a very mischievious monkey who wants to explore everything.
One day, George was left alone at his house, and of course he was curious.  As he was looking out the window he saw a tiny house he wanted to explore.  Curious George jumped out the window, crawled over a fence and made his way to the small house he saw.  Inside the house were many bunny rabbits and Oops!!, George accidentally let one out.  He struggled for a bit but finally was able to get the bunny back into the house.  As he was walking back, he saw a man fishing and wanted to join.  As George was trying to fish, he fell in and a man named Bill had to help him out.
Bill was very friendly and wanted to show George his new kite.  George loved the kite and Bill trusted George to watch the kite for awhile.  Of course, George was curious so he began to fly the kite.  At first he thought it would be allright but soon the kite took off, along with George.  Curious George flew high up in the sky, and had to be rescued from a helicopter!

Critical thinking questions:
1)  When have you been curious and wanted to explore something, even if you knew you were not supposed to?
2)  If you were Curious George, how could you have gotten down from the sky without a helicopter to rescue you?

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