Pumpkin Picking

This Topic Mini-Research Web Page was developed for Mrs.Burkett's Pre-K class at Berrien Primary School.
Designed by Leslie Watson, a Valdosta State Preservice Teacher

Pumpkin paint picture

Say the word "pumpkin". What letter begins the word? What letter ends the word? This website will tell you a story and let you make your own personalized pumpkin.
Pumpkins and vine
How does a pumpkin grow? Do you need seeds? Does it need sunlight? This website will show you how.
Pumpkin butter
What do people do with pumpkins? Can they be eaten? Can they be carved? This website will answer those questions.
Different color and size pumpkins
How big do pumpkins grow? Are they bigger than a truck? Are they smaller than a bowling ball? This website has your answer. There are many different pumpkin sizes shown on this website as well.

Pumpkin Picking Real World Activity

After viewing the pumpkin websites, you are now a pumpkin expert! Now we are going to go jack-o-lantern hunting. As we search for jack-o-lanterns remember the different color pumpkins you see. Look at all the different jack-o-lantern carvings and how big the pumpkins are. When we are finished jack-o-lantern hunting, you will create your own jack-o-lantern.

Steps to Complete Real World Activity

1. Collect all the materials you will need to make a jack-o-lantern:
- One sheet of black construction paper per person
- Orange, Green, Brown, and Yellow piece of chalk (one of each per person) or (2 of each per table)
- Hairspray (for the teacher to use)
- Cut outs of black construction paper in the shape of triangles (for eyes) ovals (for nose) and crescents (for mouth).
- Glue
2. You will create your own jack-o-lantern to hang in the classroom.
3. When you have gathered your materials:
- Decide what color jack-o-lantern you want to draw from the ones you have previously seen.
- Use the color chalk you decide on and draw your jack-o-lantern on the black construction paper. (Be sure to add the stem and leaf where appropriate.)
- Glue on the appropriate shapes for the eyes, nose, and mouth.
- After you have finished, take your paper to your teacher to spray a coat of hairspray on it to keep the chalk from smearing.
- Next, tell the teacher the three colors jack-o-lanterns, or pumpkins in general, can be. The teacher will write this on the back of your picture.
- Last tell the teacher the three shapes used to make the eyes, nose, and mouth of the jack-o-lantern. The teacher will also write this on the back of your picture.

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