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Designed by Leslie Watson

My name is Leslie Watson and I am from Nashville, GA. My family consists of eight with me being the oldest of twenty-one years. I attend Valdosta State University majoring in early childhood education. Early Childhood and Special Education Department. I have always had a passion for teaching and learning and plan to brighten lives by doing so. I believe that anyone can learn and live by that motto. I have just entered my first professional semester of the teaching program and look forward to the two years of teaching and fun ahead of me.

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I have a soft spot in my heart for animals. I have a two year old Daschund named Toby, who is like my child. Also, I have a Leopard Gecko named Brute. Our family has a Lab named Layla, a mixed breed dog named Sofy, a cat named Charlie, and a bird named Petey. I have had pets my entire life and see myself having more the older I get.
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I have a few hobbies I enjoy. I played softball since I was old enough to but quit during High School. I love taking trips, especially to the beach. My favorite vacation destination is Panama City Beach. If I could visit somewhere out of the country one day, I would love to go to Australia and France  because the cultures there are interesting to me.

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One site I found to be beneficial to teachers is Teachers.net. This site gives teachers a chance to chat with each other, print out free worksheets, find lesson plans, and use many other tools helpful to teachers. Also, 4teachers.org is a wonderful supplemental site because it offers applications such as a Teacher's Tacklebox, Web Poster Wizard, and Note Star.

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