Dinner Party
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Gonzales's Pre-Kindergarten class at Head Start.
Designed by Laura Slafkosky, a Valdosta State University Preservice teacher.

pics of food
shopping list

shopping list
What does a shopping list look like?  At this site you can find many examples of real people's shopping lists.
How do I know what ingredients I need for my dish? You will be able to find out exactly what ingredients are needed to make a certain dish.
food pyramid
Want to know if where your dish fits in the food pyramid? Go to this website to find out.
table set for dinner
Need some ideas for a party and how to plan it? This website will give you recipes, party ideas, and tips on planning.
kid chefs
Want to know the definition of food and other related topics? This will link you to the Encyclopedia Britannica website where you can find information on these topics.

Mission Activity
       You are going to pretend that you are a world-famous chef. You are planning a dinner party tonight with your parents, your favorite singer, the President, and your best friend. Think about what your main dish would be. It could be your favorite food or one that you have always wanted to try. You can look at some of the websites above to help you decide.
    Next, you will draw a picture of the main dish that you plan on making. Think about what kind of ingredients would be needed to make your food. Then with help from a teacher, you will write a shopping list with three ingredients that are needed next to your picture. Make sure to draw a good picture because some of them will be posted online!

Use the Betty Crocker website from up above to help you make your decision about your main dish.

Mission Activity Steps
Step 1: Explore the links above and find out more about shopping lists and food.

Step 2: Using the Betty Crocker website, decide what main dish you will make for your dinner party. Then decide what ingredients you will need.

Step 3: Draw a picture of your food and then dictate three ingredients needed to make your food to one of the teachers to write down for you.

Step 4: Share with the class!

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