Wild About Animals
This TopicQuest was designed for Lana and Sarah
By Lori Rewis, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


Animals are everywhere.  Animals are in the jungle, at the zoo, and even in our own homes.  Animals are similar to humans because they need food to survive, they need shelter, and they also have young of their own.  Let's take a look at some different kinds of animals and their lifestyles.  Scroll down as we get WILD ABOUT ANIMALS!


1. Elephants are the largest land animals in the world.  Because of their large size, they are sometimes used for transportation and hard work.  An elephant's long trunk can be used to pick up things.  Elephants also use their trunks to eat food and drink water. Sadly though, they are becoming endangered.  Let's take a look at Asian Elephants.


2. Tigers are also unique animals.  They belong to the cat family.  They wear a beautiful coat of orange and black stripes which camouflage them from predators.  Tigers make their home in the wild.  Let's get our
paws on some information about tigers.


3. Wolves are a part of the dog family.  They live in forests, deserts, and mountains.  Their howl lasts about five seconds but soon the whole gang joins in to make a ringing noise of wolf cries.  Let's search and find something to
howl about!


4. What is black, white, and has stripes all over?  It's a zebra of course!  Zebra's are very beautiful animals.  Their stripes are used to distract predators, especially in a large group.  Let's take a look at a unique type of zebra called Grevy's Zebra.


5. Do you know what the national bird of the United States is?  It's the Bald Eagle.  A beautiful soaring animal with a brown feathered body and a furry white head.  Let's soar with the
eagles and learn new things.


6. Do you like jumping around and swinging from trees?  So do monkeys.  Monkeys are very energetic animals.  Of all the animals, monkeys are the closest to humans because they use their arms and legs much like we do.  Monkeys are also very smart animals.  Don't monkey around, let's get busy learning.


Imagine that you work at a local zoo as a zoo keeper.  The local newspaper, Wild About Animals Times, wants to interview you about some of the animals in the zoo.  The newspaper journalist asks you to write down two interesting facts about six animals in the zoo.  Also, tell which one of the six animals is your favorite and what interests you about this animal.  You need to draw a picture of the animals for the newspaper to go above the story.  You need to use MS Paint to draw your picture.  The above links will help you find some interesting information about each animal.
Have A Good Time!

Mission Steps

1. First, look at each link above to review the information given about each animal.

2. Then, write down two interesting facts about each of the six animals.

3. Next, tell which one of the six animals is your favorite and what interests you about this animal.

4. After you have finished writing, draw a picture of the six animals using MS Paint.

5. When you are finished, give your paper and drawing to  your teacher to scan and publish on the Internet.


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