Carlie the Caterpillar Earns Her Wings
Story & Picture by Lori Rewis

Carlie the Caterpillar

    Carlie the caterpillar is six years old.  She is a happy caterpillar who loves to play.  Carlie is in Mrs. Waters the Butterfly's kindergarten class at Brighter Day Primary School.  A new student named Baylee had recently moved into Mrs. Waters' homeroom.  She was a very shy caterpillar and no one ever talked to her.

    One day Carlie the caterpillar was playing with some friends during recess.  They were running around playing chase like they always do.  Suddenly, Carlie saw Baylee sitting by a tree all alone.  Carlie began to think of what Mrs. Waters always told them about earning their wings.  Mrs. Waters always said that if they would treat others with kindness then they would earn their wings.

    Carlie thought about how Baylee must feel coming to a new school and not having any friends.  She decided to go over and talk to Baylee.  They talked about school, books they like to read, and what they like to do during the summer.  Carlie asked Baylee if she would like to join the others in playing chase.  Baylee decided to and she had a great time.

    Mrs. Waters saw what Carlie had done and she told her after school how proud of her she was.  Carlie said that she really wanted to earn her wings but that earning a new friend was much more important.  She learned that being nice to others not only makes that person feel good but it also made her feel good too.  Mrs. Waters told Carlie that she learned an important lesson and she deserved her wings.  Carlie was so excited that she started to jump up and down, but as soon as she jumped up in the air she began to fly.  Carlie had truly earned her wings.

Activity for Lesson Using Critical Thinking

After sharing your creative writing story with your students, have your students use their critical thinking skills to answer the following questions to write or dictate their story.  After writing their stories, have the students draw a picture using the Paint program to illustrate their story.

Critical thinking questions to ask students that would change your story to their story:
1. How would you change the main character?  (Introduction)
2. Where would your story take place?  (Setting)
3. What would happen to the main character in your story?  (Plot)
4. How would your story end?  (Ending)

I taught this lesson to one first grader and one third grader on May 22, 2005.  The students really enjoyed writing their own story and using MS Paint to draw their picture.


Once there was a little country boy named Billy Bob.  He was scared of everything.  One night he spent the night at his friend's house and all of the scary thoughts popped out of his head.


Once there was a dog named Spot.  He was not afraid of anything at all but thunderstorms and cats.


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