How We Go

This page was designed for Mrs. Keen's Pre-K class at Hahira Elementary School by Lawren Cranor, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


1.  Learn about five different areas dealing with transportation.  The five areas include early transportation, the Train Era, the Car Era, problems with cars, and Public Transit.  After each chapter there is a quiz for the child to take.

2.  Do you want to learn about the history of transportion?  This site gives you many opportunities to learn about transportation.  Here there is a sign quiz, pictures to look at, and games to play.

3.  If you want to learn about traffic safety for kids, then this is the site for you!  Here you can learn about different types of safety.  There is also a game that tests your safety knowledge.  If you do well, you can print out your own safety certificate.

4.  Do you want to learn some neat facts about airplanes, trains, buses and trolleys, ferry boats, cars, and eighteen wheelers?  This site gives you some information.  There are also coloring pages that you can print out and color.

5.  This page is not only designed for kids, but there is a section for teachers and one for parents.  This site has games, lessons, and pictures to color.  There are also lesson ideas for teachers.

6.  To learn about the history of cars, go to this site.  There are two tours you can take to enhance your knowledge about cars.

7.  If you love air planes, this is just the place for you.  This page is a virtual museum of air planes.

train8. For train lovers only!  This page has information about model trains, real trains, and rail travel safety.

9.  This page is about bicycle safety.  Go here to learn more about bike safety.

boat10.  Let's learn about boat safety.  This page might be from Australia, but there is plenty of information that applies to boat safety here in America.

"Class Vacation"
Scenario Activity

Mrs. Keen's class is going on a pretend vacation.  It is up to you to decide where we are going to go on our vacation.  Is it far away or is it close by?  Tell me about where you are wanting to go on our class vacation.  Let's go to this website about transportation to help pick the kinds of transportation we will take on our vacation.  Now, let's draw a picture of our class going on our pretend class vacation.

For more information see my topic lesson plan.


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