The Rainbow Fish
By: Marcus Pfister


The Rainbow Fish was the most beautiful fish in the entire ocean.  All of the other fish adored him because of his beautiful scales.  He thought that he was too good to play with the other fish.  One day, a little fish came up to Rainbow Fish and asked him for one of his shiny scales.  The Rainbow Fish told the little fish that he would NEVER give away one of his beautiful scales and then told the little fish to go away.

After that, the other fish ignored Rainbow Fish.  This hurt his feelings.  He went to the wise octopus for advise on what to do.  The octopus told him to give away a shiny scale to all of the other fish.  This was the only way for him to be happy.

So, Rainbow Fish went back to the other fish and started giving away his lovely scales.  This made him feel good inside.  He finally knew what it was like to be happy and have friends, even though he was no longer the most beautiful fish.

Critical Thinking:  If you were the Rainbow Fish, how would you have acted in the beginning?  How would you feel if you were the other fish in the ocean and the Rainbow Fish was acting selfish?

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