Singing and Dancing
With Your ABC's and 123's

This TopicQuest Page was designed for Asia and Ariel's Pre- Kindergarten Class
By Lashonda McElhaney, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


Did you know that the alphabets and numbers are used in our everyday living? We use the alphabets to communicate with each other by putting a group of letters together to make words and we use numbers to count money or to describe the age of each other. There are many different ways we can use both the alphabet and numbers. On this page you will find different websites to help you pronounce, learn and write your ABC's and 123's. Now once you have did all the work of learning your ABC's and 123's you can visit the great websites for games.


1. Would you like to see and learn how to say your ABC's? Be careful because it's all fun and games from here.

2. What fun things can you do with numbers? There are alot of things you can do with numbers but first you have to learn them and the order they come in. Don't worry it's only the beginning!

3. How would you like to see some different objects that begin with letters? If this is what you want jump into this site and click on the letters to see the objects.

4. Do you like playing games? Well you will love this site because you get to play with all the gang from sesame street. You can even color!

number clock
5. How would you like for a monster to tell you where we got our numbers from? Don't worry the monster will not scare you but only inform you on the  facts about numbers.

6. At some point in time we all wonder where the alphabet came from. Would you like to know how we got the alphabet? I found this wonderful site for you to get the definition of how we got our letters.

    Let's pretend that you are the host at a party for Barney and all his friends. You need to know all of your ABC's and 123's to provide the entertainment for Barney and three of his friends. The Gang is very excited to see what you have in store for them. Someone told you that singing, dancing and playing learning games is their favorite entertainment. You are resposible for providing this entertainment. I hope you have lots of fun singing, dancing and learning all at the same time. Stay cool and calm on your mission to excitment!

Mission Steps

1. Click on the link to get all the material you need to help with your party. Learning Entrtainment
2. Once you have picked the best material for your party you will need to pick four friends and prepare a list of the alphabets and a list of numbers from 1-10 and don't forget to pick a song.
3. Now that you have all this you will need to draw a picture of your four friends and label each one of them with the letter that their names begin with. You will also need to count your four friends and give them a number.
4. Make sure you have four friends with a letter and a number on each one of them.
5. As soon as that is complete you and your friends can sing, dance and enjoy a song with Barney.

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