Let's Explore A
Bear Cave

This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Becky Connell's Pre-K Class at Cook County Preshcool
By Leyna Guess, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.


What do bears look like?  Do you know how many different types of bears there are?  What do they eat?  Why do they hibernate?  I hope that while you are visiting this site those questions, and many more will be answered.  So, shall we get started, explorers?

bear with honey

Come play some fun games with Humphrey Bear and become one of Humphrey's Honey Friends.

Bear World Logo

Learn more about bears of
Yellowstone's past, and how they roamed freely at Yellowstone's Bear World.

Bella Bear

Help Bella Bear decide
what to wear according to
the weather outside.

smokey bear

Find some interesting facts,
learn how to prevent forest fires, and read some cool stories at Smokey Bear's web site.

bear in the big blue house logo

Visit Bear in the Big Blue House and play some fun games.

encyclopedia home logo
Find out all the different
types of bears at this
encyclopedia link.


Go to this site, The Bear Den, for bear facts and
details about hibernation.

bear crossing                             bear crossing                           bear crossing                             bear crossing

Mission Activity
YOU have just been selected to go exploring in bear caves!  You and one other friend will be allowed to explore where the bears live and find out everything there is to know about bears and their habitats and living habits.  You will go in the caves while the bears are out looking for food and walking around the forest.  You only have 30 minutes to find all the informatin possible about bears and the caves they live in.  Once you are inside the cave, look around and take note of how the bears live and if there are any baby  cubs around.  You will have a trained tour guide with you, so don't worry you are totally safe and protected!  You will have to draw a picture of what you find and the picture will be put in a book at the local museum for everyone to veiw your findings, so make it good!

Mission Steps

Step 1 - Go to The Bear's Den to find out all the information you can about bears and how they live, their habitats, and hibernation.

Step 2
- Remember you only have 30 minutes to gather the information, so choose only the most important details!

Step 3
- Once you have returned from your exploration, draw a picture of your favorite kind of bear or a picture of a cave and a bear or anything you found interesting about your trip and tell your teacher about it.  She will be sure to post it where everyone can see it!

Thanks for visiting!  Come exploring anytime!!

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