Come Learn Your ABC's and 123's!!!
This Topic Mini-Research & Literature Page was developed for Mrs. Roberts Pre-K Class at Berrien Elementary School Designed by Leigh Wilkie, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

Would you like to learn your ABC's?  Come and learn different animals and other objects that start with each letter of the alphabet.  Click here on the ABC'S!

How about a game?  Try and guess which object starts with the letter that is given.  Come and play
the abc game!

Do you enjoy counting?  Come board the counting train and learn which numbers come next!  Come and learn your

Have you ever counted sheep to go to sleep?  Well, you dont always have to be sleepy to count sheep.  Come count sheep and learn your 123's.  Put the right amount of sheep into each pin.

Do you like the Sesame Street?  Well if so, come join the join the whole gang from Sesame Street and play fun games to learn your ABC's and 123's!!

Alphabet Real-World Activity
Well since we are now all experts with the Alphabet and counting we are going to do a little activity.  We will pretend that we are an author and a illustrator creating a alphabet/number book. We will be drawing pictures to demonstrate our ability in counting and the alphabet.  Everyone is going to be randomly assigned one letter of the alphabet.  Then you will draw ten pictures that start with that letter.  If you need help thinking of objects that start with your special letter, review the websites.  You can click on ABC's, the abc game, or Sesame Street  to review different objects to go with your letter. 
Activity Steps
1. Everyone is going to have a piece of paper and markers in front of them
2. First, in the middle of the page write your letter.
3. Next, you will draw an animal or object that starts with that letter, then you will draw another object that starts with that same letter and so on until you have drawn ten pictures. 
4. Make sure you number your pictures one through ten as you go.
4. Remember to take your time and make the pictures the best that you can!

ABC & 123 Related Literature Activity

ABC & 123 Literature Activity
Using Critical Thinking Questions

1.If you were the author writing this book, would you be able to think of different names for the bunnies to go with every letter of the alphabet?
2.Could you think of different places in the shoe for mother rabbit to tuck all of her twenty-six children to sleep in?

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