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Exploring the Unknown

  This Topic Mini-Research Web Page was developed for Mrs. Rigg's Fourth Grade Class at Moulton Branch Elementary School

Designed by Lauren Williams, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


Christopher Columbus   
     We learned about Christopher Columbus before. We already know that he was a Spanish explorer who was sponsored by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. Let's look at this online book to learn more about his journeys. Click on the green items on the pages to learn about the tools they used.
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ponce de leon
    Ponce de Leon is a Spanish explorer who stayed in Florida to search for the Fountain of Youth. He explored land that is very close to where we live! What connection did he have with Christopher Columbus? Do you think they were friends? Click here to find out.
    Vasco Nunez Balboa is another Spanish explorer who came along a few years later. He landed in Central America and explored the land in that area. What did he find and lay eyes on that amazed him? Find out here.
John Cabot
    John Cabot was another explorer born around the same time as Columbus. He could not get the money from the king and queen of Spain, so he went to King Henry VII in England to ask for help. He told the King that he could find a shorter route than Columbus. His ships left from England. Where did they land? Click here to read about his voyages.

Nina, Pinta, Santa MariaShip
Now that you know what it takes to be an explorer, you have an important mission. The King and Queen of Italy have selected you to be their first explorer into the New World! Spain and England has already beat them there, so they are in a hurry to find out what treasures it holds! They think that you have what it takes to sail the high seas, but they must know what you need to do it first. Draw a picture of the ship you will ask for, and draw and label supplies needed to make the long journey (if you need hints, read through the book on this page about Columbus' journey). On the back of your picture, draw a map showing the route you will take. The better you make your message (picture) to the King and Queen, the more money they will give you!
Good Luck!!!

  1. Read over the websites above to learn more about the men who explored before you.
  2. Find out what you may need for your trip. Read through Christopher Columbus' page to find items highlighted in green that he used on his voyage.
  3. Make a list of supplies you will include on your ship.
  4. Draw a ship, leaving the bottom un-colored so that you can add in supplies.
  5. Draw your supplies, numbering what you include to go along with your list.
  6. Finish your ship, and if you have time, draw a small map on the back (the maps are in the same online book as above)
  7. Turn finished project into your teacher.

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