A Bad Case of Stripes

By David Shannon
Designed by Laura Davis


A Bad Case of Stripes is a book about a girl name Camilla Cream who loved lima beans.  But she never ate them.  All of her friends hated lima beans, and she wanted to fit in.  When getting dressed for the first day of school, Camilla looked in the mirror to see herself covered with stripes from head to toe.  She looked like a rainbow.  When Camilla went to school, everyone at school laughed at her.  Camilla tried to act normal, but when someone said a word, she turned into whatever they said.  Soon everyone was calling out different shapes and colors, and poor Camilla was changing faster than lighting.  Camilla saw every doctor in the world, but nobody had a cure for the stripes. The stripes kept getting worse and worse.  Finally, an old lady came to Camilla's house to help her.   The old lady gave Camilla a handful of lima beans to put in her mouth.  After that, Camilla was cured.  She ate all the lima beans she wanted, and she never had even a touch of stripes again.

If you ever had the case of stripes like Camilla, what would you eat to cure your stripes?      Why?


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