Give Thanks
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Rainy's Kindergarten Class at Nashville Primary
By Leslie Reed McMillan, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


           Thanksgiving is here! This is the time to think about sharing and be helpful to others. We should do these things all year round, but we take this special time of the year to really think about it. The Pilgrims and the Indians started this tradition for us a long time ago. Lets take a few minutes to learn about Pilgrims and Indians.




 Check out this page to test your
knowledge of Thanksgiving foods. It's a quiz of the different types of foods served at Thanksgiving.

Test your Thanksgiving knowledege
with this fun quick quiz.  The quiz consist of basic facts about Thanksgiving.

Here is a chance to let your creativity soar. Have a blast making your own

You can click on any area of North America to learn more about the Indans that lived there.  Try it and see what all you can learn.

Ever wondered who was on the Mayflower? Click here to learn about the passengers on
the Mayflower.

 Use an encyclopedia to learn more with out having to use a book! Fun Facts encyclopedia.
                      Here is a darling story aboud the  holiday we call Thanksgiving. Take a moment and read a story about Thanksgiving.

  Here is a fun cartoon and a little history of Thanksgiving. Learn lots about
Thanksgiving at this cool site!


   Explore the computer and see what you can learn about the history of Thanksgiving. Can you see any differences from the way Thanksgiving was celebrated years ago and the way is is celebrated today? Take a large piece of construction paper and fold it in half. On the left half draw a picture of what you think the first thanksgiving was like, and on the right side draw a picture of what thanksgiving is like now. When you are through drawing your pictures, the teacher will help you write a view sentences describing your picture.

Mission steps:

#1 Explore the links about Thanksgiving.
#2 Think about what you know about Thanksgiving celebrations then and now.
#3  Click on this address to learn more about Thanksgiving

Create your own art work on construction paper, a picture of Thanksgiving  in the past on the left side, and a picture of Thanksgiving now on the right.
When your picture is finished the teacher will assist you in writing a few sentences to complement your picture.
#6 The art work will be displayed in the classroom, and discussed. You will be given a chance to share your drawings and ideas.



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