The Secret Birthday Message

Written and Illustrated by Eric Carle
Page and Story designed by Leslie Reed

paint picture

    The night before Tim's birthday he found a envelope under his pillow. Inside was a  letter with a secret message that held clues to where he could find his birthday surprise.  This is what the letter looked like...
    The letter sent Tim on a treasure hunt in search of the gift. Tim had to really think hard to figure out the clues and find his surprise. He had to crawl through a hole, climb down stairs, go in a cave and much more. In the end Tim found a little surprise sitting in a basket. The basket had a note tied to it that said "Happy Birthday". 

    This book is very children friendly. It is a book that gets the kids involved. They enjoy trying to figure out what the clues stand for and then after they read the story they can see if they were right.  The story really makes the children think.

    If you were the author of this story, what would your birthday surprise had been? 

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