Miss Freeman's Wonderful World of Insects
This topic quest was designed for Mrs. Barr's First Grade class at Sallas Mahone Elementary School by Lauren Freeman, a Valdosta State University preservice teacher.


Do you like insects?  What is your favorite kind of insect?  Did you know a cockroach can live up to nine days without its head?  There are many exciting things to learn and/or do with insects. All of these fun websites below will give you interesting facts about bugs and the things that they do.  One of the websites will even give you some receipes for cooking and eating bugs. Yummy!  Have fun browsing!

There are so many different kinds of insects! There is so much to learn about those different insects.  Go to this site and search about any kind of bug that you wish.
Do you want to find out all about those small little insects that are always crawling or buzzing around?  This site will give you all sorts of interesting information about insects.
Do you think a roach is yucky?  Wait until you learn about these cockroaches.  This site is called The Yucky Roach World.
Can't get enough information about bugs?  This very detailed Encarta Encyclopedia  will tell you anything and everything about insects.
Do you just love bugs and want to know everything there is to know about them?  Encyclopedia Smithsonian gives you likes to all sorts of websites with information about bugs.
Do you want to learn all about earthworms?  This site will tell you everything you need to know and more.
Want to learn how to build an ant farm?  This site will give you directions on building the perfect ant colony.
Anyone hungry?  Want to learn how to make chocolate covered crickets? Go to this site to learn about recipes that involve bugs!
Do you find earthworms, beetles and other creepy bugs interesting?  Then join The Bug Club!
Do you like to tell creepy silly jokes that will make your friends and family giggle for hours? Learn all sorts of bug jokes at this site.

Imagine that you are a student in Miss DoodleBug's class.  She has asked you to do a bug collection project.  This collection must contain many different kinds of bugs to make an excellent grade.  In order to have a bug collection, you must first know about many different insects.  Use the websites above to learn all about different insects and where you can find them.  After visiting the websites and learning all about bugs, go to this website where you can see a picture of a bug collection.
1) First visit the bug collection website and look at the picture of the bug collection.
2) In this step draw a picture for Miss DoodleBug of ten different insects that you would like to find for your big collection.
3) Write the name of each bug under the picture.  Think of an interesting fact that you learned about each insect as you are doing this step.
4) Make sure that your imaginary bug collection drawing is bright and colorful.
5) Turn your beautiful picture into Miss Freeman so that she can show it off on her teacher website.

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