Ladybug The Grouchy Ladybug Ladybug
written by Eric Carle
Picture and story by Lauren Freeman

Illustration of The Grouchy Ladybug

    It was 5 o'clock in the morning and two ladybugs landed on the same leaf to try and eat some aphids for breakfast.  One of the ladybugs was friendly.  The other lady bug was very grouchy and rude.  The rude ladybug did not want to share the aphids on the leaf.  He asked the friendly ladybug to fight but then realized that the nice ladybug was bigger than he.  So he said, "I am too big to fight you," and he flew on.
    Throughout the day the grouchy ladybug tried to pick fights with all sorts of animals and insects.  For example,  he tried to fight a yellow jacket, a stag beetle, a sparrow, and a lobster.  However when the others agreed to fight the ladybug, he got scared and said "I am too big for you," and flew off.  Around noon time the ladybug tried to fight a skunk.  Then throughout the same afternoon he tried to fight a boa, a hyena,  a gorilla, a rhinoceros, and an elephant.  Then finally at five o'clock  in the evening the grouchy ladybug tried to fight a whale.
    At first the grouch ladybug landed on the whale's head.  He asked the whale, "Hey, do you want to fight?"  The whale did not answer.  So the ladybug said, "you are not big enough anyway," and he flew on.  Next the lady bug landed on one of the whale's flippers.  He asked it to fight again.  He got no answer so he flew on.  A little while later the ladybug landed on the whale's fin and asked it to fight.  He got no answer again, so he flew on.    A few minutes later the ladybug landed on the whale's tail and asked the same question.  The whale's tail gave the grouchy ladybug a slap and he flew across the sea and onto the land.  He landed back on the same leaf that he had been on in the morning.  The friendly ladybug was still there and it saw how wet and tired the other ladybug looked and offered him the rest of the aphids.  Soon all the aphids were gone and the grouchy ladybug thanked the friendly ladybug for sharing the food.  Then the leaf thanked the ladybugs for taking away the bothersome aphids.  They both said, "your welcome," and then they went to sleep.  The End. Ladybug

**Critical Thinking**
1*  What do you think would have happened if the grouchy ladybug had actually gotten into a fight with the larger animals or insects?

2*   Would you have shared your aphids with the grouchy ladybug when he landed back on your leaf at the end of the story? Why or why not?

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Illustration of The Grouchy Ladybug
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