April Showers Bring May Flowers
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Shiver's Kindergarten class at Annie Belle Clark Primary School By Lauren Dunn, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

Three flowers

Today we are going to explore the wonderful world of flowers and learn some fun facts about them.  Did you know that flowers come in all shapes, sizes, colors and smells.  Around March and April, Spring comes and flowers start to bloom.  Spring is such a wonderful time of the year because beautiful flowers cover the whole world like a blanket. 

Pink Flower
There are many different types of flowers in the world.  Flowers come in all shapes, sizes, colors and smells. 
Orange Flower
My most favorite flowers in the world are Pansies.  I like Pansies because they look tie-dye.
Yellow Flower
Most flowers bloom in the spring, but there are some flowers that bloom during the winter.   One type of flower that grows in the spring is a Rose.  One type of flower that grows in the winter is a Poinsettia.  Click here to read Poems about spring and flowers.
Blue Flower
Every state has a special flower that represents it.  Georgia's state flower is the Cherokee Rose.
Pink Flower
Flowers need plenty of water, sunshine, dirt and love to grow.  If flowers are properly taken care of they will grow and grow.  Click here to see exactly what it takes to make different plants grow.
Red Flower
Flowers can grow outside or inside.  Everyone should have flowers in their home.  Flowers are beautiful to look at.  Here are some pictures of flowers.

Mission Activity

Flowers in a row

Imagine that you are entering a gardening contest.  The contest is to see who can grow the most beautiful garden.  Visit some of the websites above to find out how to develop your garden.  In order to grow a garden full of beautiful flowers, you must first know what you want it to look like.  After visiting the websites you will make a picture of what your garden will look like.  You will draw your garden on drawing paper with crayons and markers.

Mission Steps



1)      First, you will need to visit the websites about flowers and growing your first garden.

2)      Second, decide on the different kinds of flowers that you would like to plant.  Once you have decided, you will use crayons or markers to draw your garden and label your flowers.

     3)      Enjoy your mission.

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