The Birthday Wish
Paint Picture & Story Designed By Lauren Dunn

Girl in bed with her white kitten

     Once upon a time there was a little girl named Susie who lived with her mother Jan. Susie’s birthday was coming soon, so Jan asked her what she wanted.  Susie told her mom that if she could have anything in the world she would like a kitten. Jan told her that she did not think that was a good idea, so she needed to pick something else.  Heart broken, Susie stomped her feet, poked her lips out and told her mother that if she could not have a cute little kitten, then she didn't want anything for her birthday. 

     Later that day, Susie’s mom started to think about having a kitten around the house and decided that it would not be such a bad idea due to the overpopulation of mice.  Jan decided to get Susie her kitten, but to keep it a secret.  That night Jan asked Susie what she wanted for her birthday again.  Susie stated, “I want a kitten, but if you will not get me one I guess a bicycle will be o.k.”  Jan asked her what color bicycle she wanted.  She told her that she wanted a hot pink one. 

     A few weeks later, Jan went to the pet store and purchased Susie the cutest, fluffiest, solid white, blue-eyed kitten that she could find.  When she got home she hid the kitten because Susie’s birthday wasn’t until the next day.  Later that night, Susie’s mom over heard her saying her prayers.  She said, “Dear God please send me a kitten for my birthday”.  As she heard the prayer tears came to her eyes because she knew that she would make her daughter’s birthday wonderful when she surprised her with the kitten.  Jan then went to bed snuggling the kitten up with her. 

     The next morning, which was Susie’s birthday, Jan got up extra early.  She got the kitten and went into Susie’s room.  She quietly opened the door and creped across the room.  She gently placed the kitten on Susie’s bed making sure not to wake her up.  

The little kitten jumped up on Susie’s chest, started licking her in the face and playing with her long pigtails.  Thinking it was a dream, Susie jumped up.  She actually had to pinch herself to make sure that she was not dreaming when she saw the kitten.  She grabbed the kitten in her arms and shouted hurray!  She then jumped in her mom’s arms and gave her the biggest hug ever.  She was so excited! 

     Susie’s mom then asked what she was going to name her kitten.  Susie replied, “I think Fluffy would be a good name, because the kitten has very thick and beautiful fur”.  Susie then gave her mom another giant hug and told her that she had made her birthday wonderful.  They all lived happily ever after.            

Critical thinking questions to ask students that would change your story to their story:

1.  How would you change the main character? (Introduction)

2.  Where would your story take place?  (Setting)

3.  What would happen to the main character in your story?  (Plot)

4.  How would your story end?  (Ending)

two simease cats
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two simease cats